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Evergreen Garage Doors | Why Quick Response Times Matter

I’m not here to tell you about all of the advantages of having a lightning fast response time–  I could, but I’ll save that topic for another day.  Instead, I want to talk about something that at the time was a stressful situation (for our customer), but now we can look back and laugh.

We got an urgent call from a customer of ours saying she had backed into her garage again (The last time was only a few months ago), and that she needed her garage door fixed before her husband came home.  We assured her that someone would be on their way immediately, and sure enough, we had one of our highly trained garage door techs out there within 30 minutes.  He had all of the parts and tools necessary to patch up the garage door, and within 2 and a half hours from when she called, everything was taken care of.

I feel like I should call her and see if her husband ever found out!

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